The HWY30 Alumni Association

Welcome to the HWY30 Alumni Association! On this page, you can learn more about the Alumni Association, the packages and what they offer, and why you should become a member today!

Who Are We?

Hwy 30 is all about bringing people together for a good time and good music. The hope for the Alumni Association is to always be able to connect with one another no matter where you call home. Through this association you will have several opportunities to connect with our artists and other Hwy 30 fans. To become a member simply sign up and pay an annual fee to get all of the perks not only online but also at our festival! We can’t wait to welcome you into our Official Hwy 30 Alumni Association and into our Hwy 30 Family!

Why Become A Member?

Right now is the very best time to become a member. Gordy is calling March 5-April 5 “Rush Month” This month only, you can get the deal of a lifetime to be an Alumni Member.

The World Champion Shoshone Falls package includes an exclusive Alumni Lettermans Jacket usually priced over $250. You get this jacket and priceless Alumni perks (a $400 value) all for just $184.99 THIS MONTH ONLY!

Package Perks

There are several levels of membership to choose from. However, no matter what level you choose all members have access to the exclusive Alumni Association building at the festival, a fast pass at the front gate, and exclusive access to Alumni Gear. For more information on the levels of membership see details below…

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